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Welcome to the Valley! Though experts have wrangled about it over the years, the Shenandoah Valley today is generally considered to run from the West Virginia counties of Berkeley and Jefferson, where the Shenandoah River joins the Potomac River at Harpers Ferry, to somewhat south of Lexington, Virginia.  New Market is thus in the heart of the Valley, bounded to the east by the Masannutten Ridge and to the west by the West Virginia border. 

The Valley is a true four-season area (though the grass has been known to grow eight months out of the year!).  We receive a moderate amount of snow most years in January through March, with spring and fall often being prime time for beautiful tree coloring to flood the surrounding hills.

New Market is in easy driving distance of a number of attractions.  The following links give a taste of what's available:

(Huge amounts of info on great destinations)
(Great for Sabbath afternoon hikes)
(A FABULOUS afternoon excursion!)
(Loaded with lodging, eating, etc., options)
(Real Civil War history, right next door)
(30 minutes from New Market, beautiful!)