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God's Character Revealed in His Law and Actions
The Law was still in effect after the cross.  God is more concerned that we live the 10 Commandments than that we know them intellectually.
Distinguish between the intent of the 2 tablets of stone:
~ On the left:  irrefutable obedience to God
~ On the right: duty toward relationships on this Earth 
God’s Eternal Guide for Living -- “10 Paths of Freedom” (Audio talk by Shane Anderson)

The 4th Commandment attributes authority to the Creator, requires worship.  It is an indisputable link between Creation and Sabbath.
   1. What did God do on the 7th day of creation?
   2. The 7th day Sabbath is at the center of universal conflict
    3. Its significance is symbolic of worship, indicative of Who deserves worship,  which determines the future of Man. 
Sabbath Questions  dialogue by Shane Anderson and Gary  Patterson (Audio)
Worship and Allegiance: Requirement for Eternal Life

God is our Creator: the most important attribute related to our salvation/recreation. 
1. Genesis 1-3 – God’s Holy Designation of the day to worship (origins)
2.  Exodus 20: 8-11 – God’s seal of authority (worship and obedience)
3.  Revelation 14: 9-12 – God’s seal of authority repeated; urgent appeal, end of conflict.   View The Appearing” on It Is Written and excerpts from Shane Anderson’s “How to Thrive to the End of Time”
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