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The Genesis Story - Evolution - The Great Cosmic Controversy
A. Creation-Literal-Short
Creation of matter required an output of energy beyond our ability to comprehend.Amazingly, He is aware of every one of His 100 different types of atomic nuclei. The author traces the probable steps of the creation of the earth's environment.
1. “Bringing the Human Neighborhood into Existence” – Adventist Review, July 2009
Extensive Resources on topic of Creation - Geoscience Research Institute
The Creationist Movement  
 Judaism, Islam, Christianity 2.  Faiths that teach a literal creation by God
World Religion sources: 
Belief systemsworld religions distribution (video); extensive sources for religious studies
B.  Evolutionary Thinking vs a Literal Creation 1.  "Literal Days of Creation or Figurative?"
by Dr. Gerhard Hasel, Biblical scholar. This article gives the historical background and the literary nature of the creation account, which are discussed in detail and related to a variety of contemporary interpretations.  The author concludes with 10 considerations which support the concept of a literal creation week with 7 consecutive, 24-hr days.
What evidence and discoveries do Darwinists base their beliefs on? Are there any new discoveries today that support these claims?
What does science really say, and how can we prove the methods of our study?
Radiometric dating is a technique used to date materials using known decay rates. Are these methods accurate? If so, what can we learn?
2.  Online articles by Dr. Walter Veith (Zoologist):

~ The Origin of Evolutionary Thinking
~ Uniformitarianism vs. Catastrophism
~ Lamarack Discovers Natural Selection
~ Age of the Earth
~ Radiometric Dating

Q.  Are intelligent design and biblical creationism the same?

A.  Although some mistakenly lump them together, their premise is so different it’s like comparing apples and oranges. Biblical creationism looks at science through the lens of Genesis, whereas intelligent design draws its inferences about our origins from scientific discoveries without any such filter. Intelligent design advocates vary in their religious beliefs, and leave the identity of the designer to theologians. Biblical creationists, on the other hand, specify the designer as the Judeo-Christian God. An increasing number of scientists believe that the discoveries in science point more and more to a position totally consistent with the Bible." (Y-Origins)

3. “Privileged Planet” -- Video describing the orderly fashion of conditions supportive of life created by a cognizant creator. Also coupled with “Unlocking the Mystery of Life”   (Produced by Intelligent Design proponents)

4. Informative website with history and overview of scientific thought related to origins of life. Emphasis on Intelligent Design -- Y-Origins 
C.  How does one change belief and conviction from evolution to a literal creation? “The Evolution of a Creationist – Jobe Martin, DMD, ThM at www.theevolutionofacreationist.com

D.  Flood?  
Was there a flood? Was it global or regional? What does it tell us about life before? What does it tell us about eras? What does it tell us about time? 

Choose "Destruction and Renewal" from the list of videos at Amazing Facts
Dr. Walter Veith's "Genesis Conflict" videos--diatomaceous earth discoveries
E. The Intrusion of Satan? But, who was he?
How did he get here?
The effects of sin on the creation and the created. The Great Controversy—Satan attempts to discredit God. Video “The Birth of Evil” at  It Is Written.
Looking on . . .   Is There Life on Other Worlds?  Bible Reference Trail
Background: John 1; Hebrews 1: 2; 11:3; Colossians 1:6
Job 38
Isaiah 40; 44:24 declare God's power to control the universe
When did God make other worlds?  Genesis 1:1; 2:1 Historical events trace back approx. 6,000 years
Are they inhabited? Isaiah 45: 11,12   "My sons"; Job 38:6,7 "Sons of God"
What other life is in outer space? Psalms 8:4,5 -- Man here; angels there; 80:1 -- cherubim; 19:1 -- Heavens declare (speak) the glory of God.
John 17 -- in Jesus prayer to His Father, he mentions He was glorified before this world was created--by intelligent beings.
Job 1:6,7 -- Sons of God met.  Adam surrendered his position to Satan by yielding to sin, so Satan met there to represent Earth; others were naive to his character?
Revelation 12:9 -- Speaks to inhabitants in the heavens.
Daniel 7:10 -- At the Judgement scene in heaven, angels attended God and many stood before Him from other worlds
1 Kings 22:19 -- A prophet's vision of God in heaven with a standing host before Him
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