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Sermons Archives 2004-2013  (pastors & guest speakers)
 Fellowship of the Fearless
 Unstoppable Force Beyond Belief
 The Cross and the Exercise Bike
 Behold lthe Lamb
 Why Jesus Uses a Rifle
 The Power and Place of a Prophet

How to Stay Married Forever and Like It Series:
   1.  Before You Say "I Do"
   2.  After You Say "I Do"
   3.  Reaching the Finish Line
The Holy Hurricane Series:
   1. The Wind that Works
   2. The Wind that Wins

Why We Are Still Here Series: (unavail)
  1. The Death of Right and Wrong
  2. The End in Overdrive
  3. The Rusty Church
  4.  Bull's Eye
Signed, Sealed, and Delivered Series:
  1.  A Park in Time
  2.  More Than a Siesta
  3.  The Mailman's Last Stand
When the Son Rises
Money, Sex, and Power Series:
  1.  The Power of Money
  2.  Sexual Sanity in an Insane World
  3.  Can You be Trusted with Power?
The Four R's
When God Fights
Peace and poise Under Pressure:
  1.  Peeking Over His Shoulder
  2.  The Power of Practice
A Dad for the Ages
More Than Sufficient
41,350 lbs. of Awesome Responsibility
Home Sweet Home
Holy Gravity Series:
  1.  The God of Weak Knees and Strong Hearts
  2.  How Wet Will You Get?
Rock Solid Series:
  1.  The Book That Stops Bullets
  2.  The Unfair Advantage
You Wouldn't Believe the Difference
 Zero Degrees of Separation
Raising Great Kids Without Blowing a Gasket Series: 3 Parts
Getting Ready to Walk on Water Series:
  1.  Looking Out for #1
  2.  How to Sink

How to Walk on Water Series:
  1.  Grab that Ram!
  2.  Making Disciples
  3.  Making More Disciples
  4.  Ministers Rule
  5.  The Adventist Advantage
  6.  A Taste of Heaven
  7.  Think Small
  8.  The Year-Round Christmas Party
  9.  Get Out of the Boat!
How to be Dangerous Safely
Remembering the Future
How is It With Your Soul?
The Ten Paths of Freedom
What If Armageddon Came Early?
An Audience of One
The Gospel According to Jude--2 parts
Faith Factor
Battle Ready
The Omnipresent Octopus
When God Goes Hunting Series: 3 parts
A Hope That Never Dies
A Reason to Believe
Fanning the Right Flame
A Trip Into the Supernatural Series:
  1.  Crossing Over From Six Feet Under
  2.  If There's a Gecko in Your Toaster, Don't Eat the Toast
  3.  A Look Behind the Curtain
Traveling at the Speed of Love
Right Here!
The Ultimate Powerwalk series:  3 parts
The 3 Hooks of Heaven
A Mission From God
How to Blow the Curve (Christian Education)
Worth Living For
Ready? (Father's Day)
 A Mighty, Vast Army series (4 parts)
Chomping at the Bit
A Bagful of Dreams
How to Get Out of the Boat Series:
  1.  How Many Toes?
  2.  Explosively Good News
  3. Take Three Steps Forward
  4.  Hold Hands and Jump
  5.  Seeing With the Eyes of Jesus
Until . . .
Men of Power Series:
  1.  Why the Blade Cuts
  2.  Overhauling the Blown Family
  3.  The Big 'I"
  4.  Already Won
  5.  How to See Clearly Now
The One Wise Man


1/12  Comfort Food  (Communion)
The Unknown Jesus Series:
  1.  The Word to the Wise
  2.  The Worst of Problems, The Best of Solutions
  3.   The Gospel of Glue
  4.   Unbelievably Good
  5.   Unknown No More
Farsighted and on Fire series:
  1.   Bigger
  2.   Keep Your Eye on the Wall
  3.   A Rut They Can Live With
  3.   From the Mountains to the Valley
The Pleasures and Perils of a Good Summer's Nap
Send Me In, Coach!
Gabriel, Get Me That Rope!
Blessings & Curses of the Miscellaneous Church
A Circle of Friends
Bubbles are Made for Bursting
Giants in the Land
Follow the Leader:  (2 parts)
Infected, Rejected, Connected (Buz Menhardt)
Quitting the Conspiracy
The Valley Look (Buz Menhardt)
Yes, We Can? (Buz) 
Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory of the Coming of the Lord (Buz)
No Trouble for Your Heart(Buz)
When Plan A Doesn't Work (Bill Kilgore)

And the Bogeyman Went Home (Buz)
After the Darkness, Light
The Hidden Purpose of Prophecy
The Sly Shy Guy (Buz)
Tenacious Torch
Caught and Uncaught (Buz)
The Nazareth Factor
Broken in All the Right Places
 Soldier Boy and The Heartbreaker (Buz)
The Land of The Free
Life Jacket
Unshakable, Unsinkable, Unstoppable
Fear Facto (Buz)
Lordship Worship series:
  1.  Blessed Effervescence
  2.: Holy, Holy, Holy
  3.  Come Closer
 Homeland Security series:
  1.  The Wise Have It
  2.  Righteous Eyes
  3.  Safe and Dormbound (Buz)
  4.  Last Line of Defense (Buz)
  5.  Legacy Now
Thanksgiving with a Capital "T"
O Little Town of New Market
The Church Victorious  (6- part series)
Two Kings in Sight  (Buz)
Five Ways to Love Your Valentine (Buz)
More Than Church series: Apocalyptic Amnesia, Shortness of Breath, Fill It Up with Super, Please!, That Day
Labor Day Not in Vain (Buz)
A Reason to Believe (3-part series on existence of God):
     The Sahara Surprise,
     When Knowing is Not Enough,
     Tomb Raider
Defeating the Fog, Parts 1,2,3

Tool Bucket at the Table (Buz)
His Mind is Made Up (Buz)
Prophecy Rising (3-part series)
At Home in Rome (3-part series)
Time to Tell the Story (Buz)
Motherhood Rising
Education Has a Name

Hometown Hero
Once Upon a Campmeeting
Survival of the Faithful series (Buz):
     Lightning and the Bee
     Mom and Dad, Don't Give Up
     A Drop from the Top
     Listen with Your Heart
     Unusual Favorite, Uncommon Favor
It's Your Serve
The Best of Times, 3 parts
The Beauty o Now, 3 parts
Fire, Whirlwind, and the Other Side (Buz)
Forward March (Buz)
Locked Up, Chained Up, Get Up (Buz)
Going Viral, 3 parts

Stand Still, But Go Forward (Buz)
An Overflow of Excellence
Samson and Delilah (Buz)
The Voice of One (Buz)
An Honest Proposal
An Offense Worth Repeating
The Right Word, Everytime
The Gospel According to Jif
Behold, Your Mother (Buz)
Why the Best Take a Rest
Father's Day! What a Pity! (Buz)
From the Foundation of the World
The Monumental Challenge of One Voice
Widow, Widow Down the Hall (Buz)
The Battle of the Indulge (Buz)
One family to Go, Please
Dry and Bony (Buz)
Out is Out and In is In (Buz)
No Mask, No Fear, No Foolin' (4 parts)
To Bethlehem by Faith (Buz)
It's Almost Time (Tim Harley)

Water vs Fire (Reed)
Sprinting at the Pool (Bill Miller)
House to House (4 parts)
How to Stay Married Forever and Like It! (3 parts)


Other Sermon Sources From Around the World
Variety Sampling of Various SDA Pastor's Sermons in North America 
Stories by Dick Duerksen - Better Sermons Henri Wright - Community Praise Center Andy Nash & LeClare Litchfield - Connect
Damien Johnson & Wintley Phipps - Seabrook Randy Roberts - Loma Linda Paul Graham - Brinklow, MD
Dwight Nelson - Andrews (blog)  (sermons) Doug Batchelor - Sacramento  Jerry Lutz - Spencerville

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