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New Market Seventh-day Adventist's Podcasting

There are 3 ways to gain access to our sermons (which are in Mp3 format):

You may listen online by just clicking on the title, if you have a sound card and a media player such as MediaPlayer or RealAudio. 

Two options for obtaining them from iTunes for mobile devices:
1.  Go to the Podcast List and Click on Subscribe link at the top of the sermon list.  There you can subscribe for regular downloads as they are posted or download on the spot. Continue to the PodCast List

2.  You may use a bridge software program like iPodder below to download the files to your mobile Mp3 device, taking these steps:
a.  Download the Juice software below
b.  Open Juice; click on "Open a new feed"
c.  Select General URL and type in or paste this link:  http://www.newmarketadventist.org/podcast.php?channel=1
d.  Save
In a short time you will see the list of sermons for you to download to your mobile device.

Download Free Software   or

Download iPodder Lemon, the cross-platform podcast receiver

3. Or you may go to the iTunes store to subscribe for the files


Do you need a media player?  Click Here (Window's MediaPlayer)


For selecting sermons on CD or DVD 
Click Here (Sermon Archive)