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"Three Fundamental Beliefs About Our Relationship With God"
Creation ~ Evolution ~ Last Celestial Messages
Welcome! You have arrived at the heart of what we believe is the mission of Seventh-day Adventists in these, the final days of Earth's history prior to the second coming of Jesus.
Society is asking:

Why are we here?
How did we get here?
What will become of civilization and the earth?
Is there a God? 
Is anyone in charge, here?


The Bible addresses all of these questions, and many more, with persuasive wisdom. Its teachings are illustrated in the heading above, hinting at the magnificent expression of Heaven's love for Earth's inhabitants, the joy of experiencing that love, and the privilege and duty we have to worship Him in response.
 We uniquely teach, based on solid Biblical interpretation, the significant relationship among:
  • the literal 6-day Creation event by the Godhead of Heaven
  • God's crowning act at Creation of making 1/7 of time holy as a Sabbath
  • the institution and observance of the 7th-day Sabbath and how it defines true worship
  • the urgency of the three angels' messages in Revelation 14 which call forth God's children to readiness for the final events on Earth and Christ's 2nd Coming.

On the next pages of this site (see the green button, bottom right of page) you will engage in a free dynamic self-study adventure at your own pace.  Just follow the outline as it guides you using Scriptural passages, excerpts from popular literature, audio links, video links, websites, and optional self-assessments. 

ENJOY the journey to the heart of God!   

For the curious, here are the printed sources this course is based on:

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Audio-Visual Sources:
Suggested inspirational listening: Haydn's "Creation" oratorio, sung by Robert Shaw Chorale, accompanied by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Chorus; recorded in 1992. Available at amazon.com
Selected video recordings from the television and internet programming of It is Written (www.iiw.org) and Amazing Facts (www.amazingfacts.org)
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"The Genesis Conflict Series," Walter Veith, S. African zoologist, on an 8 DVD set available at www.amazingdiscoveries.org
Dr. Sean Pitman, a pathologist and Creationist - 
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