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For more than 150 years, millions of people have been surprised to learn the
liberating truths taught from the Bible by the Adventist Chruch. 

This page is dedicated to helping you find what those millions have: victory and freedom in Jesus Christ!

For a summary of what Seventh-day Adventist believe, click HERE.

If you already know something about Adventists and have questions or concerns, a great place to start is SDAforme.com which specializes in Bible-based responses to controversial questions. 

The following links will also be helpful:

The numbered links below can provide additional resources for studying the Bible:

1.  A Healthy Lifestyle:  Find out more about how physical activity, diet and nutrition, stress coping and/or reduction, avoidance of mind-altering substances, and rest and relaxation can affect your quality of life!

2.  How the Rest of the World Views What Adventist's Teach About a Healthy Lifestyle at WorldLifeExpectancy.com.
3.   Check out this FREE Self-Study Course  entitled, "Three Fundamental Beliefs About Our Relationship With God: Creation, Evolution, and the Last Celestial Messages."  The study examines creation and evolution theories, faith systems, and contemporary thought on our origins.

4.  Live With Hope:  An 18-part Bible prophecy DVD series that shows how to know Jesus, be freed from sin,
and be ready for Jesus' soon return to earth.  To order, call the church office at 540-740-8550 or click
here .

5.  Considering where to send your child for a quality education?  Curious about the difference between Adventist schools and public schools?  Watch a televised interview with Pastor Shane about the book he wrote entitled, "How to Kill Adventist Education (And How to Give it a Fighting Chance!)"

6.  Other Helpful Links on What Seventh-day Adventists Believe:
28 Fundamental Beliefs
Biblical Research
The 10 Commandments Unchanged from the beginning of time;God's perfect moral law.  Is it written in your heart?
Life was & is Created by God;  not a result of chance or evolution

7.  Can we Trust the Bible?  Is the Bible Authentic?  Find the Rock-Solid sermon series on the Podcast list

8.  Why do Adventists Worship on Saturday?  As you can see in our name, we worship God on Saturday—the 7th day. Check out these links to see why:
9.  Curious When Sunset is in Australia?  Russia?  Your own Backyard?:  Sunset Calculator  The Atomic Clock  TimeTicker  World Clock 

10.  The Significance of Space
  • Orion & the Heavenly Train -- It can be seen in NASA's archive as M78.  Visit this website for daily views of various parts of the heavens.  Is Heaven For Real?
11.  For truths about the origins of life, refer to the free course about Creation "Three Fundamental Beliefs About Our Relationship With God"